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Twitter Profile Management

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Twitter Profile Management

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Twitter Profile Management

$47.00 /per month $67.00 saving $20.00

328 million people use Twitter. It’s the modern-day equivalent of the newspaper. Stories break, are analyzed, and etched into our culture on the platform.


And businesses have been using it to get free exposure with tremendous success. But only a few post on Twitter in the right way.


Roosterly’s Twitter content management solution posts resource and value-oriented content to your business’s Twitter feed. This positions you as an expert in your company’s field. Instead of offering your latest special or asking your customers to buy from you, provide them with valuable information that they can put to use so you build your relationship with them.


You pick how often you want Roosterly to post, as a complete content solution or in addition to your current Facebook activity. Either way, you win, as Roosterly posts handpicked content that your customers find interesting, engaging, and informative.

Who is Roosterly Anyway?
We're a team of marketing professionals that are dedicated to saving you time from having to manage your own social media. We get it, you're busy. Our focus is supporting you, so you can run your business.
...But don't take our word for it. Listen to what our clients say!
Roosterly's solutions keep your social media accounts updated with fresh, relevant content. Customer service is an email or phone call away.
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Chicago, IL